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Doug Carpenter
8th July 2019, 19:22
Because, up to now, the progression of my MND has been fairly slow for which Im grateful, of course I used to joke with my GP that I might live long enough to die of something else.

Well, those options were reduced by one today. Ive just had my annual cancer screening examination all clear after five years since the operation. So theyve discharged me.

So bloody MND goes back to the top of the list!

Mind you, there still remains the option of cardiac arrest during the passionate nightly embraces of a toned, blonde physiotherapist (preferably female). Must look into that!

Just dreaming.


8th July 2019, 20:10
Hee hee hee. Be careful, Doug, just the dreaming might be enough to bring on the option!

Congratulations on the 5-year all clear.

Doug Carpenter
8th July 2019, 20:34
Thanks Dina.

Good point! Hadn't thought of that.

Seriously though - many thanks.

It all feels very wierd today.

Big hug and fingers crossed about your grand-daughter.

Doug x

8th July 2019, 22:00
Thanks, Doug. She needs to get a move on!

9th July 2019, 20:45
Very glad to hear you got the 5 year all clear Doug!

- and please keep your heart rate nice and steady Mr Casanova !! .... otherwise I'll have to send Norah 'wrinkled stockings' Battey round with a large bucket of cold water to cool you down! Lol :)

Kayleigh x

Lynne K
9th July 2019, 22:45
Great to hear of your 5 year all clear news Doug.

I think that dreaming is somewhere we can be who we really are without this horrid limiting disease, and/or be who we want to be.

I've recently reconnected with my dreaming in terms of awareness of it happening and a bit of control. I did this when I was younger. But I lost this over the years through sleep deprivation. Then I started napping during the day a couple of months ago. It seems to have either stimulated my dreaming, or else its been happening all along but I didn't know of it for years.

10th July 2019, 00:19
Congrats on your all clear 5 year mark Doug

Something to celebrate, it might not be your toned blonde physiotherapist but will get your heart racing...and not put you into cardiac arrest, I hope! LOL


Enjoy :)


Doug Carpenter
10th July 2019, 07:04
Thanks folks for your kind posts. Don’t worry Kayleigh, I’ll be careful!

Seriously, one must be grateful for small mercies I guess.

You’re right about dreaming Lynne. I think I’ve always dreamed – not that I can remember much. The trick apparently is, immediately on waking and still dozy, to tell yourself the dream and thus put it in conscious memory. My counsellor at the hospice tells me to write them down at once in a bedside notebook. Trouble is my handwriting is so bad then I can hardly read my own notes afterwards!

I don’t think MND has affected my dreams much. They have always been mostly about very mundane things, clearly related to events the previous day or something that is significant in the near future. But they almost invariably have some bizarre twists or juxtapositions that couldn’t possibly happen in real life but which seem perfectly logical and unremarkable in the dream.

It’s also true, at least so far, that I don’t seem disabled in my dreams. Although last night I couldn’t keep up with a group of people on a tour who were walking rather fast. But I’m certain I did not have my crutch or walker. Very odd!

No physiotherapists of any hair colour or gender have figured thus far!



10th July 2019, 13:48
Sorry Doug, IDK how I somehow missed this thread :rolleyes:

That's great news on being 5 years cancer free.

That's one nail you can take out of your coffin ;)

Love Ellie.

Doug Carpenter
10th July 2019, 15:30
Thanks Ellie. No problem.

I like the idea of removing coffin nails.



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