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26th July 2019, 09:11
Hi. I canít find how to add a signature please.

26th July 2019, 10:12
Hi. I canít find how to add a signature please.

Hi Puddy,

To create a signature:

Go to the very top of the page, on any page in the forum.
There are several lozenge-shaped buttons labelled Puddy, Notifications, My Profile, Settings, Register, Login.
Select Settings
A page will come up which has, on the left, a column of several boxes labelled: My Messages, My Subscriptions, My Settings.
In the My Settings box, under My Profile, the fourth item in the list is Edit Signature. Select "Edit Signature" and away you go.

26th July 2019, 13:26
Hi Puddy;

Many of us use the signature to write a message instead of our names, horses for courses.

Dina has done both in different colours.

Love Terry

26th July 2019, 14:14
Thanks - have added signature. Let's see if it works.

26th July 2019, 14:21
Yep, it works perfectly!

Lovely pic too :D

27th July 2019, 00:20
Thanks Ellie - the photo of us is of Viking Day at the local tavern. They cater for every nationality. The night pic is outside our little casa.

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