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14th August 2019, 20:29
This is for Lynne really as I can't send photos through PMs, but it's no harm to remind others that if your typed reply or post should disappear before you press the 'Post Quick Reply' button, all may not be lost!

Refresh the page, then scroll down to the text box. If there is a box on the bottom left-hand corner saying 'Restore Auto-saved Content', click on it to restore all, or some, of your hard typed text.

Screenshot of what the text box would look like, click on it to see larger image.
Lynne, I hope you can see something like this???


Love Ellie.

Lynne K
14th August 2019, 20:46
Hi Ellie, I still couldn't see it. Maybe it only works when you are still in the window where you were when it disappeared. Thanks anyway. Lynne

14th August 2019, 20:54
Sorry it didn't work for you Lynne.

It was worth a shot anyway !!

Chat soon.

Love Ellie.

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