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21st August 2019, 07:24
I've had a couple of emails saying people have been trying to private message me but my inbox is full. I'm rubbish with computers. I have deleted some messages if people can manage to send them to me now?

21st August 2019, 09:31
Hi Shrew,

Once you delete some of your messages then it should free up space for you to receive new messages. Has this worked for you?

Your 'sent items' folder also count to the full inbox so it might be worth deleting some of these too.


21st August 2019, 12:21
Hi Shrew;

To Delete messages, go to "Notifications" and click. Click "In Box"

There are little square boxes on the right side of each message and you can select the ones by clicking in them.

Once you're selected the ones you want to delete, continue down and just under all of the messages there's a bigger box with "Selected Messages" and the number of selected ones, click on that.

It will bring up a drop down menu with delete as a option. Click delete and then at click "Proceed" at the bottom and you will go back to the slimmer "In box"

You can do similar in the "Sent Items"

Please ask if you have any problems and I will be happy to try and explain.

Love Terry

You can transfer or copy and paste any messages if you want to keep any.

21st August 2019, 16:30
Thanks I've deleted some now

1st September 2019, 22:54
Hi Haylis;

To send a PM, (Private Message)

Click on the persons name that is at the start of a post you want to contact.

That will give you a few options, one of them is (Private Message) , click on that. You have to put a title in and then scroll down to write your message and further down you can send it.

I am sending one to you now.

It should pop up in your Notifications at the top of the page.

Love Terry

7th September 2019, 23:02
Just highlighted this thread as someones messages are full and I don't know if they know how to make some space

8th September 2019, 13:06
I tried to reply to your message Shrew but it said your inbox was full


8th September 2019, 17:55
emptied Sue!

8th September 2019, 21:25
Hi Sheila;

You might have emptied it but I could not send the second PM after I received your's. It said that your messages are full up.

I will try re-sending it on a new subject just incase there's something wrong with your settings.

Love Terry

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