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26th August 2019, 13:27
There have been a few comments recently on trapped wind, so I thought I'd post on how to remove air from the stomach through a feeding tube, "PEG", before it travels down the intestines, which can cause pain, discomfort and leaky bottoms...

- Attach a 60ml syringe, with its plunger removed, to either the extension tube (for buttons) or directly to the feeding tube.
- Hold the syringe up above the stomach.
- Open the clamp and you'll hear air gurgles.
- Be careful as some stomach contents/fluid may go into the syringe.
- It helps if someone gently palpates the stomach.

I've always done it when lying down or well reclined. Obviously this only works when air is in the tummy and not lower down in the intestines! !

There are videos online, here is one example, it's on a button, but the principle is the same:


It works well and gives instant relief :D

Love Ellie.

26th August 2019, 13:55
Wow Ellie!! Thank you for all your advice and tips. You never cease to amaze me - and many others too.

26th August 2019, 15:15
Aww thanks Miranda. No point keeping all this hard earned knowledge to myself !!

Love Ellie.

26th August 2019, 15:36
Thanks for the tip, Ellie. I should have my PEG in situ by this time next Monday.

26th August 2019, 16:02
Thanks Chimp for your tips,,

But I need a tube elsewhere.

Love Terry

26th August 2019, 22:52
When I open Steve’s rig lots of wind can come out but I make sure I have a cloth as sometimes liquid can spurt out.


27th August 2019, 13:54
Hi Sue, if you attach a syringe to the tube, without its plunger, and hold it up high above Steve's stomach, you should get more air and hardly any liquid!! Venting air/wind out of one's stomach is a big plus for those of us with a feeding tube :)

The less air in his stomach before you run his feed, the better.

Love Ellie.

27th August 2019, 14:06
... I need a tube elsewhere.

Terry, if the air in your lower intestines isn't travelling down from your stomach, as you suggest, it's likely that it's maybe food-type related, i.e. your body has a problem digesting that type of food or it's IBS?

I wonder if taking probiotics would help? And maybe try venting your stomach before you eat for a few days to see if there's air there? You've enough to cope with without the issue of frequent trapped wind :(

Love Ellie.

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