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28th August 2019, 18:10
Hi all

I'm due to have a rig tube inserted in the next few weeks and wanted to ask what sort of breathing tests are done beforehand. I know my breathing is a bit worse but I don't have any actual numbers. Are there loads of different tests and do many people fail them.


28th August 2019, 19:05
Hi Mick,

I am due to have a PEG fitted on Monday. I don't know the names of the breathing tests but they were not onerous and probably took a maximum of 30 minutes overall. If they are concerned about your breathing and/or coughing, they may offer you a Cough Assist machine and/or a Non-Invasive Ventilator (NIV).

I was told that I need to be comfortable using the NIV before the PEG is fitted as I will have to use it during the procedure.

Obviously things may be different for having a RIG fitted but I thought what I've said may be helpful.

28th August 2019, 19:26
Hi Mick;

I doubt that they will do any breathing tests if you're having a RIG opp because they are not sedating you and they have access to your breathing at all times.

When did you last have breathing tests?

Love Terry

28th August 2019, 20:10
Probably six months or so. I've neglected my breathing a bit.

28th August 2019, 20:42
Hi Mick,

Did someone mention your breathing in relation to the RIG procedure?

As Terry said, the RIG procedure can be done even if your breathing is quite poor (a Nippy / NIV / BiPAP can be used during the procedure if necessary)

Breathing tests come in different forms - the simple SNIP test, which the physiotherapist does in Beaumont MND Clinic, takes only a couple of minutes, gives an accurate snapshot of lung function. And there isn't a pass or fail result, just numbers.

Hope the procedure goes well for you.

Love Ellie.

28th August 2019, 21:13
I had some as a pre peg screening last week . In one i breathed in deeply and out completely into a tube in my mouth like an inhaler. They took blood from an artery (wrist or earlobe) cos it shows blood oxygen levels more accurately than veins. I had a thing like a vicks inhaler up one nostril, they closed the other and i had to sniff and the last one was a finger clip attached to an oxygen monitor watch i had to wear overnight. Everyone was super nice

28th August 2019, 21:43
Hi Mick

When Steve had his Rig fitted they just did bloods especially blood clotting, it took them 5 goes at this! Steve doesn’t like to give his blood away! and arterial blood gasses.


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