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11th September 2019, 16:24
Hi all

Wondering if any of you have lost use of both arms and legs but still manage to live at home with carers regularly coming?

Iíve just been told my fathers care company canít manage his care anymore as he needs four people to move him etc and doing all I can to avoid him needing to go into a home as this isnít what he wants


11th September 2019, 18:03
Hi Vicky,

I've no use of my arms or legs, have no speech and am totally dependent on others for practically everything - I cannot wash & dress myself, feed nor take my own meds, get to the loo etc. etc. Oh, I use my eyes to control my PC, eye gaze.

My family are working or in education, so I am alone from about 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. Carers come in and out during the day to get me up & showered, feed me, give me meds through my feeding tube, bring me to the loo, do my pump feed (feeding tube) and any help I may need for daily living. Two carers come at a time. I don't have them full-time during the day - I don't need them nor do I want them every minute of the day!!

My husband and kids are home at 7pm-ish and are on duty then :)

So, it is possible, if there's the will from the carer agency etc...

Love Ellie.

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