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12th September 2019, 16:12
Good day to you all.
I have started to find my right wrist occasionally failing me whilst eating and was wondering what the thoughts were on wrist supports/braces to overcome this while I am eating ?
Thanks very much in advance 😁

12th September 2019, 19:56
Hi Trevor,

I'd start by asking your OT and hopefully they'll give you something suitable which will solve your issue.

There are lots of different supports and braces, it's hard to recommend one not knowing your exact problem, but maybe you need an active type of brace??

You would probably need a wrist brace, rather than a support - supports tend to be neoprene, or similar, and do what it says on the tin, i.e. they support the wrist.

A brace (splint) should hold your wrist steady, usually they have rigid parts and/or elastic strapping.

If you find normal cutlery challenging, your OT can give you foam that goes over the handle, making it easier to grip. (Same idea as pipe lagging. Indeed, it has been used by someone on the Forum!!)

Take care,

Love Ellie.

13th September 2019, 11:11
Once again, thanks very much for the advice xx

22nd September 2019, 01:02

Try not to over work it or twist and bend it under load. Get all your food cut up small so you don't have to struggle so much. Bigger grips and different shaped cutlery can make it easier.

Your OT should be able to advise and hopefully provide things.

Love Terry

26th September 2019, 19:29
Thanks for the advice Terry. The palliative care Doc is visiting next week so I will ask about an O/T. ��

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