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Lynne K
15th September 2019, 09:12
My stepson, his wife and friends are doing the Bury 10K today for MNDA. I'll try to upload a pic later. Lynne

15th September 2019, 09:39
Hi Lynne,

Well done to them for raising money and awareness of our charity. My daughters and granddaughter do a lot of fundraising and it makes me proud.

Best wishes,

15th September 2019, 10:04
Hi Lynne

Good luck and thank you to them for raising money for and awareness of MND.

15th September 2019, 12:12
Good for them - you must be proud of them all Lynne.

Hope they got on well.

Love Ellie.

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 15:03

The above link is on our private FB 'Bogglers' site. Boggle is what we call the group who have been meeting for 51 years. We all have a holiday together at Easter, not in the same cottage. There isn't one big enough for 65+ people. The original Bogglers, children, grandchildren, friends and spouses all take part and most are on the Bogglers FB group.
I'm not fully conversant with how FB works. I'm hoping that this post with a picture of the 10k runners will be accessible even if others cannot post. If you cannot see it then please let me know and I'll copy the picture and upload it some other way.

15th September 2019, 16:38
Hi Lynne,

Because the group is a closed membership the link you attached only opens the primary page so we can’t see any photos. You could copy and save the photos to a file and post it on the forum.

Best wishes,
Barry x

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 16:48
Thanks Barry. I'm learning now. Thanks

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 16:55
Hi Barry. I've saved some pictures to the gallery on my phone. How do I upload one. I've looked around and not found how. Thanks

15th September 2019, 19:22
Hi Lynne,

You may need to be in the 'Full Site' version of the Forum, I don't know if you can do it on the 'Mobile' version - I can't see a way how, but I don't use the phone version of the Forum. I'm sure someone who knows the mobile version will tell you if it's possible.

There is a row of icons on the top of the reply text box.

- Click the 3rd icon in from the right side, a square with a tree on it.

- A box pops up which says 'From Computer' and 'From URL'.

- Choose 'From Computer', click 'Choose File' and find the photo from your saved photos.

- Select photo and click 'Upload File' an the photo will appear in the text box.

Good luck!

Love Ellie.

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 20:39

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 20:45
Thanks Ellie. There's one picture with all of us in except my husband who was taking the picture and one of the guys. This was after the race. One of the girls couldn't run today because she injured her knee playing netball. She's having an operation on Tuesday. Another young woman couldn't run because she's put her back out. One of the guys who ran isn't in the photo because he left right after he finished to get to his running club where he's doing relays. A glutton for punishment..

There's a just giving donation page but I can't copy it. I'm getting there slowly with mobile technology. Lynne x

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 21:02


15th September 2019, 21:19
Gosh Lynne, even with the no-shows from injuries, there were quite a few running in your honour !! x

15th September 2019, 21:25
Oh, wow! What an amazing turnout, Lynne!

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 21:27
Yea. They all said that they'll run again for MNDA including the ones who couldn't today.

Lynne K
15th September 2019, 22:20
There were a couple of women running with MNDA tops on who we didn't know. My husband tried to get their attention but they didn't hear him with all the noise near to the start.

15th September 2019, 22:49
Great photos Lynne and well done to all who made the effort on our behalf.

Barry xx

15th September 2019, 23:01
Well done to everyone involved. Great pictures, thank you for sharing.
Sheila x

16th September 2019, 17:10
Well done and thank you to everyone involved for their support. It looks like a great turnout Lynne.

You must feel proud of your family,

Love Debbie x

17th September 2019, 19:55
Thank you to your “team” and to everyone who raises money for us.

22nd September 2019, 16:18
Thank you to your “team” and to everyone who raises money for us.

Ditto Lynne;

Love Terry

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