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11th November 2011, 19:44
For those that don't know my story,I unfortunately have familial MND running in my family.Abot 20 months ago I came back from the gym and noticed my left calf twitching.Well from there I went into a very dark place as I know it can be a symptom of this dreaded disease.From there the twitching went into my right calf and both feet going 24/7 and driving me nuts as I could feel all of them.I had my first EMG in June 2010 and was clear,MRI lower spine clear,blood tests clear.June 2011,second EMG showed mild neuropathy in my left leg but of the sensory nerves not the motor.I have had lots of sensory stuff going on like sharp electrical shocks,aching leg muscles,pains in feet and knees.I am now waiting for a second MRI,this time of the knock area as I sometimes have random twitches in the upper body.I have been put on pregabalin to help with the pain as normal meds don't work but the downside to this is that you put on weight.Another appointment in january with the neuro but they must be running out of things to test for.

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