View Full Version : How comfy should your power chair be?

2nd December 2011, 14:37
Hi guys

Don't know if you can help, I've just started using my new power chair, it's a quiky salsa R, I paid extra for all the bells and whistles, and it's ok. The problem is its just not that comfortable, I imagined it should b really omfortable, the cushion is fine, the backrest is a deeply contoured one which seems to grip me too tight, I just can't imagine sitting in it all day long.....

Also the pads on the leg rests which I presume should rest on the outside of your knee are behind my knee, so these need moving a few inches forward.

I would like to here people's opinions on how they fit in their chairs and how comfy they find it



2nd December 2011, 15:13
Hi John, Your chair needs to be as comfortable as you can make it, sounds like you need to adjust the seat depth. As for back rests, they really do take some getting used to, hope you get there in the end with fine adjustments.
Regards Mark

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