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6th December 2011, 17:40
Hello everyone

My 37 yr old brother in law has just been diagnosed with Bulbar MND. this has hit the family really hard as he's the baby of the family and were all having our own difficulties coming to term with it. having read some of your stories already I feel this has given me a greater understanding of what he must be feeling right now, so I would like to thank you and I look forward to sharing more with you.


6th December 2011, 19:18
Hi welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your brother in law. It takes time to come to terms with. Feel free to ask what you like on the forum.

6th December 2011, 19:58
Hi Mrsshaf, you are very welcome on the forum, although I'm sorry for the circumstances which have brought you here.

You already seem to be finding your way around the place, but do feel free to ask any questions to the forum or to Robyn, the co-ordinator or any of the moderators and we'll do our best to help.

If you or your brother feel the need to speak to someone for confidential advice or to find out about help and our services in your area, please give a call to the lovely folk at MND Connect, on 08457 626262 or you can email mndconnect@mndassociation.org. Click on the MND Connect tab at the top of this page for more information. I'm sure they will be only too pleased to help.

Best wishes,


6th December 2011, 21:03
Hi Mrsshaf,

Just a word to you and your brother in law ,take each day as it comes do not listen to all the doom and gloom predictions ,as to how this condition advances , as everyone is so different ,it is very easy to get really down by all the bad news .just take in day by day and ask away there are a few people on here who will give you any help we can and so dont be shy in asking ,yes it is quite devastating to be told you have this ,but do try to stay positive ,it helps so much and as i say you only have to ask wishing you well.


6th December 2011, 21:15
Thank you for all your lovely replies and advice etc.

Myself and my husband (it's his brother) are trying to be as practical as possible, hence me being on this site. My brother in law is in total denial at the moment (although he tells me he has sent an email to the MNDA). He does not want to talk about it at all. My sister in law (my husbands sister) is beside herself, constantly crying and cannot talk about anything else!! - think I might suggest she calls the MNDA for some counselling.


6th December 2011, 22:15
Hi mrsshaf,
welcome to the forum i empathise with you and your family greatly as the diagnosis is so raw it's very difficult for anyone to take in, as i found when i was diagnosed feb this yr and to be honest i don't think it's ever accepted, you will all have so many thoughts and feelings going on at the moment but when your ready ask what ever you wish as we are here to help take care x elle x:)

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