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12th December 2011, 17:13
Just wondering if anyone has used one ?

13th December 2011, 20:26
Yes. What would you like to know? I am a touch typist so found the Lightwriter frustratingly slow and now use a netbook with text to speech software. There have been previous threads discussing this topic.

14th December 2011, 15:19
Hello Miranda,

Thanks for coming back ,At first i thought is was me , but hearing you are able to type at quite a speed ,i can see how you find this type of aid a bit slow, for me however having played with it a little ,It is so nice to hear your words as spoken, as you say very slow ,but just being able to comunicate with the family ,. I wonder if you can let me know if the software you speak of is available on the web, if so where ,thanks again for the reply

Regards Pete

14th December 2011, 19:33
Hi again Pete. Do you see a Speech and Language Therapist? S/he should be able to assess what is best for you and advise you where to get up to date technological advice. Or go to MND Connect who should be able to direct you to your nearest Centre for Enablement. (All this is NHS).

14th December 2011, 19:56

your a star thanks again ,I am due to see the SLT next wendesday so will ask, thanks again


16th December 2011, 01:20
My mum uses a lightwriter and would be lost without it (as she says no-one guesses what she wants to say). It took some getting used to but mum is now familiar with typing the words/ conversations in. even though her hands are very weak she can still use the lightwriter. just had a table fitted onto the wheelchair as recently the lightwriter dropped and was not working.

We are used to the slowness and it is OK, it also lets us get into a sort of sharads when we try to finish the end of her sentence before she has typed it (frequently she shakes her head and we wait to see what she wants to say).

Without the lightwriter there would be no way mum would be able to communicate as she is not IT literate. We are so thankful to MNDA for the loan of a lightwriter. We are so concerned as mum heard somewhere that MNDA may not be in a position to lend people this equipment. It is so invaluable. Breaks a world of silence. Allows her to speak with people and say what she needs and feels.

all the best


16th December 2011, 12:19
Hello Lucy

thanks for the post , I get much the same from the family, when i am trying to let them know ,having the sceen facing them helps a lot ,and yes i heard that news ,and wouldnt be suprised at anything now ,I am guessing form your post that your mom is now wheelchair bound ,so her condition is advancing ,as i guess mine will in time ,lets hope for us all and i include family members that soon there may be a light for us all, as for the speed of the writer i do not find that a problem its still a damn site quicker than i could manage to try to say it , so to you and your family i wish you the best christmas and hope your mom stays well and tell her to keep her spirit up , it helps, when i am feeling sorry for myself i read the posts on here and realise how lucky i am compared to others ,so best wishes and chat again i hope .


16th December 2011, 14:24
Hi Pete,
don't know much about lightwriter , but would like to say i love your avatar picture my favourite animal the meerkat best wishes x Elle x :)

16th December 2011, 19:19
Hello Elle,

How are you keeping, hope your as well as can be ,i dont care if you dont know its good to hear from you ,and as for the merekat ,well he is my all time star , never fails to make me smile and thats good ,and whats more much better looking than me ,and whats more he can talk ,another plus ,as for the light writer ,well i am just coming to terms with it and to be honest despite being slow ,it is a very good way of managing to communicate with others , if nothing else i do miss having a laugh and a good talk with people ,both of those pretty much gone now ,but well we can still chat on the site so its not all bad ,as i say hope you keeping well and managing the trials of this condition ,keep living that dream

All the best to you


16th December 2011, 22:55
Hi Pete,

i'm not too bad just got over yet another chest infection i seem to get them one after another,also been told the mnd may be going to my throat as my voice keeps going one minute it's ok next iv'e no voice like you i miss
having a good laugh, since finishing work i don't see many people now you know how it is people say oh i will pop to see you and they don't think some people are more of an aquaintance than friends, well thats my little rant for today, looking at your location where is Cannock Chase? Your not wrong Pete about the trials of this condition there is plenty of them suppose we all have different strategies of dealing with them
good luck with your light writer Pete take care x Elle x :)

17th December 2011, 08:01
Hi elle,

Sorry to hear about the infection, like you i seem to get those ,quite often , but its mainly due to me being a smoker i guess, yes i am and yes its stupid ,and yes i am going to cost the country millions in healthcare , but then again over the years they have had enough from me in taxes , , when i was younger ,and thats a long time ago now ,it was the thing to do ,no one then said it was bad for you , unlike now , oh thats my rant over , So well , Cannock Chase is located a bit above Birmingham up the M6 going to Manchester , its the bit you hear about on the news always accidents and traffic grid locked. The chase is an area of true beauty , not big compared to other forests, but a place to go when you feel down , really does make you feel a lot better after living in towns , And as for so called friends , yes i know ,luckily i have made two good friends over the years , who still make time to go out , with us , however as the MND gets worse , thats going to end as being unable to talk and now eat very well ,thats something i dont want them to endure , they say it dosnt matter to them but it does to me , but we will still keep in touch ,as for the speech thing going on ,with you , thats a new one on me , to have it come and go ,who told you it was spreading , and do you suffer with swallowing problems or speech slurring at all ,both happend to me prior to me loosing my voice , I hope they are wrong ,for you , and no more negative vibes you hear , take care.

Pete x

17th December 2011, 16:04
I think MNDA are looking at the most economical way to provide equipment - not to stop loaning it completely. Makes sense to me - carry on using the Lightwriters they have got but look at cheaper alternatives as well. I really appreciate the support we are offered and guess the more they can cut costs, the more of us they can help.

17th December 2011, 18:25
Hi pete,
just to say i'm a smoker as well and your right it doesen't help with chest infections but not that easy to stop,
it's not for the want of trying my g.p put me on champix to help me stop but i failed with them they made me
feel sick and violent headaches, to be honest i don't really enjoy smoking anymore it's just habit and a hard one to break,as for cannock chase i asked as iv'e never heard of it,your not that far away from york really i don't know why but i had it down as maybe it was in scotland somewhere it sounds scottish to me, i hope your right about them being wrong about my voice it was my mnd nurse that said it may be going to my throat,
i am due to visit professor shaw at halemshire hospital in sheffield on wednesday so it will be brought up with her she specialises in mnd so i will see what she says, i do have occasions of swallowing, and slurring of speech mainly when tired, sorry for the negative vibes pete i do try to stay positive it's just now and then the mnd gets me down. You take care x elle x :)

17th December 2011, 20:57
Hi Elle ,

Fingers crossed for you on Wednesday and good luck , Just remember they aint right every time ,so keep living that dream and remember, loads of them positive vibes.



18th December 2011, 17:12
Hi miranda,

Yes totally agree with you , having had a week now with the machine ,i am finding it a much more useful tool than I could have imagined ,it suits my one fingered style.

Having been in electronics all my working life it looks and feels old time construction ,and probably explains a lot of the cost, the software represents a much smaller developement cost ,I guess having to cater for many people in various stages makes this sort of aid very difficult to please all, while remaining tough and pretty much indestructable in normal use ,

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