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Thread: e-mail received today...beware scam e-mail!

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    e-mail received today...beware scam e-mail!

    Hi...joined last month and received this e-mail today....
    Not sure if I have put it in the correct place but just want everyone to be aware and not to respond to this e-mail if they were to receive it too...
    Moderators may be able to help?

    james @ Motor Neurone Disease Association Forum to me
    show details 10:27 AM (1 hour ago)
    This is a message from james at Motor Neurone Disease Association Forum ( ). The Motor Neurone Disease Association Forum owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.

    To email james, you can use this online form:

    OR, by email:

    This is the message:

    Hello, how are you doing? my name is Mr. James, I am, an international entrepreneur also a financial expert, I have worked with Eco financial company for more than ten years been a manager I secured over 16.5 million as an over profit which my management are not aware of the sum, i want to re-transfer this funds to a foreign account which i would like you to provide for me Immediately and Note that you can even provide me an empty bank account or 2 dollars account all i need is a functioning bank account where my bank can re-transfer this funds .

    I contacted you to provide me an account where i can re-transfer this funds to and you will be entitle to earn 30% of the total sum after the transaction.
    Reply me on this for details and directives.

    Thank you for your kind attention and hope we can work together as partners.

    God blessings and have a Good day...


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    Hi Carly,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll look in to this right away, but for now, I'd just suggest ignoring it and any more you might get like this.


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    Ive seen quite a few email scams like this before.

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    Just checked my emails and have recieved the same email from this James person! really annoys me how these scammers do not give a sh*t who they try to create problems for!
    They must be having a good nosey round this forum for victims.

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    James should no longer be a problem

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    I have also received this email, can the moderators not remove or block him ? Ang x

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    Jenni has banned him for ever.

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    I can't take the credit really. I merely suspended him pending confirmation from the admin team, and they have did the actual banning.
    So, its thanks to Carly for pointing it out and thanks to the admins for making the chop.

    As a forum, this may happen from time to time,so point it out if it does and one of the mods will act on it.

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