Hi Everyone,

When you signed up to the forum, we ask for a birthday so we know everyone is over 18 and the content is appropriate for everyone registered.

There's a lot to do when registering, so in case any of you missed the opportunity to tell us that you'd prefer you can check this pretty easily. It does effect what shows up on the calendar, which is publically available. It's also on your profiles but these are not viewable by guests. So, if anyone doesn't want their info there they can change it to one of the following:

1. Share your birthday and year eg. 11 Jan, 1983 (28)
2. Just share your year (age) eg. 1983 (28)
3. Just share your birth date and not your year eg. 11 Jan
4. Keep ti completely secret

Your birthday info will only be linked to your forum name, so for most of you this would only be linked to a 'fake' name, but if you are using a real name, or want it secret for whatever reason you can change your settings by:

Go to 'Settings' (top right once you're logged in) then go to 'Edit Profile' (left hand menu). You should then see the screen as it shows below:

I hope that helps anyone else wondering this as well as those I'm aware of that are after changing their details to include/exclude parts of their birthday info.

Best Regards,