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Thread: Night time bipap masks

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    Night time bipap masks

    Hi Everyone,
    Anybody using a bipap during the night could they please let me know what type of mask they use and what they recommend as I am having a lot of leakage problems.
    Thanks Mark

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    Answered on Build as well but just in case you see this first : when Mark used a mask before trache he used :
    Resmed Comfort Gel Full or Resmed NV Ultra Mirage - gel full most comfy, Mirage less leakage

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    Hi Mark

    Finding the right mask is a nightmare. I am on my fith type now. If you can find a full face mask they are the most comfortable as they don't damage the bridge of your nose. My face was the wrong shape. I am now using a deep gel mask and it is almost a good fit. The next size up in this should be the one for me. You can't tell until you actually use a mask for a few hours if it is a good fit for you, so it is suck it and see.

    I find it helps to put the hose under the blankets as this warms the air a little and stops the hose pulling the mask due to its weight hanging over the side of the bed.


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    since 3 years i use miragequatro and is ok

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