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    Red face need advice!

    Hey guys, im having a concert on 25th of may and having abit of problems collecting raffle prizes, anyone got any advice on were to get some or best way to encourage people? advertising is becoming a problem too....keep trying but its like no one is interested because its not a forces charity or cancer!! not that i dont support all charities i do but there are causes just as good like this one!! any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Afternoon ArtysAmy, sometimes the local press will cover a request for raffle prizes if they have a "Community & Social" page. We have been a bit cheeky in the past and wrote a letter of thanks for a collection (we had one recently at a football) ground - then at the end of the letter we let people know of upcoming events, taking a cheeky chance to ask for volunteers and help with raffle prizes. I agree it's a slow process - we have a Hospice near us that does brilliant work but sometimes over shadows other charities. Just back from a Church Table Top sale and will be fortunate to break even on the cost of the table, however, we gave out a lot of leaflets, fridge magnets and stickers. At events we are even cheekier, handing out index cards and asking that if people are agreable, we will let them know of future events, though I keep forgetting to ask for emails. We direct people to the branch web site whenever possible. Finally, we use the free "what's on" section of the Councils webpage, Church newsletter and occasional letters to companies.
    Probably stuff that you do already, and for that apologies, but a few ideas.

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    Hi Emma,
    Wondered if local musicians on board might be an answer. I lost my wife to this dreadful disease on 4th march. Her sister lives in Conisbrough and is married to a guitarist who plays and sings locally around the pubs and clubs. He plays with an outfit called the Dalton John band at Bentley working mens club as well as around Mexborough and Conisbrough. The parents of Sheridan Smith who was in Two pints of Lager and a packet of crisps and recently played the lead in a West End musical run the Dalton John band and Sheridan does turn up from time to time. The brother in law does performances with a guy called Graham Oliver who used to be part of Saxxon and stil learns a living as a professional musician.If you were interested I could ask his help. This would bring followers which would help raise the profile of the event if some of his contacts would join your cast.
    On the question of raffle prizes have you tried asking in the local shops and businesses or friends in the toddler group. You would be surprised how supportive people can be.The local schools are also keen to get youngsters involved in charitable activities and may be able to assist in some way.Have you approached your local Rotary Club?
    They raise a lot of money for local ,national and international causes. Quite often they have spare cash to buy prizes or will ask members to support an event by donating prizes. If you contact the secretary and ask. If he doesn't know about the disease offer a speaker. You can get a local speaker through the MNDA. Our local Rotary club donated 2000 raised from an annual walk to the MNDA after a presentation from the MNDA.
    As above get the local press on board. they are usually looking for local events to support and if you and grandad are willing to give an interview and pictures it makes a good human interest story.

    Have you asked Madonna for support. When I put MNDA in google the first thing that comes up is Madonna .She should be grateful to Motor Neuron for advancing her career!!lol.

    let me know if you want my help.

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