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    I was hoping you might be able to help me. I am looking to buy two power wheelchairs. One is purely for use around the house and the other needs to be transportable in a normal car and is for use when going out shopping or to restaurants etc
    I am looking on the basis of a mid range price and if money were of no object (which is not the case but I am still interested)

    I am also looking at the. Trekinetic power chair for outdoor use and wondered if anyone had used one and could tell me if it is good

    Thank you so much for any help you can give.
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    i would suggest you speak with your OT and find out if the wheelchair services department have a specialist who may be able to advise. my mum has had 3 different power wheelchairs (NHS)- some not suitable. as MND progresses the needs from the chair change; eg, now mum's latest chair has been issued with a different cushion.

    We now have a fold up manual one that can go in the back of the car as we dont have a WAV vehichle.

    I have heard that if you want to add something to the NHS ones then you may be able to "top it up".

    My experience is that you have to be pushy and give feedback and really focus on getting your needs met with chairs

    best of luck, sorry i have not really answered your question directly

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    Hi ,
    I m also searching for a wheel chair for my old aged grand ma ... i mean i haven't yet consulted with any one about that and neither she had .. i was just wondering that what would be the average price for it...
    One of my friend told me why not you bought a power chair for her but i haven't yet searched for it.. Just getting a rough estimate that how much would it cost ......
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