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Thread: New member with chest pain!

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    New member with chest pain!

    Hi. This is my first visit, and as an old silver surfer, phrases such as threads, are a bit foreign to me. But I'm trying. I was MND diagnosed about 8 weeks ago, I am a parent, grandparent, and still working part-time wholly through the use of email. Iive in Wales, but originate from Devon. I support Newport County and Torquay United!
    The MND seems pretty aggressive, with use of legs and hands being what I call 'challenging' already. At the moment, I regard every ache or pain as MND related, though I imagine having MND doesn't render one immune to anything else. For about a week now, the worst pain is in the chest - I have assumed it's all part of the disease - it seems accompanied by the familiar 'fluttering' [yes I know there's a posh name for the fluttering], but every one seems to talk about lower and upper limbs, and neck pains, but I've not seen anyone mention chests. I have no breathing problem but have had no respiratory tests yet. I'm beginning to wonder if the pain is something else. Unfortunately, my GP knows less about MND than
    I do, the GP not having had case before! Before I start moaning to overworked Consultants does anyone recognise chest pain with MND?
    Sorry about the length of this - I am a novice -never been on a forum of any kind before, Will learn. Mellonius

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    Hi Mellonius

    Welcome to the Forum. There are plenty of great people here, with lots of help and advice.

    I must say some interesting teams to support, I'm from Cornwall so I'm an Argyle girl myself!


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    Hi mellonius,

    Well considering its your first time ,you are doing quite well, Welcome to the club, much the same as yourself age wise ,and yes i have not heard off chest pain yet , in regard to MND , you do not say what type you have ,i have bulbar which affects speech and swallowing initially then goes pretty much where it likes ,as for the linking of symptoms ,you are not alone there either it seems no one knows what is or is not MND related ,I would suggest your first one would be give MND connect a call they have vast knowledge about this condition and will arrange visits or information to be given to you ,as for the GP i am not too sure how much the neurologists know in truth , when you go for appts nothing offered in the way of treatment as there isnt anything yet to offer only Rilutek, so welcome to the forum i am sure someone will post soon.

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    Hi mellonius,

    Welcome to the forum. You should treat any chest pain as serious, it could be nothing, but could be your heart, blood clot, or pneumothorax. I have never heard of chest pain related to MND.

    I suggest you see gp asap.

    Good luck
    Best wishes




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    Welcome to the forum, Mellonius,

    Feel free to ask absolutely anything you need to here, I hope it can be a support to you. We do have a booklet written specifically to help GP's/health practitioners. You could ask Connect about this if you feel this could be helpful in your situation 08457 626262 or

    Some of the forum phrases are pretty foreign. I still think of 'thread' as a 'thread of conversation'

    If you need any help using the forum just ask myself or one of our moderators. I see Emily has said hello already.

    Best Wishes,


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