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Thread: Closomat versus Geberit

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    Closomat versus Geberit

    A hygene toilet has been ordered for me. I am told that it will be a Geberit and not a Closomat. As the next requirement will be a toilet seat raiser to help me on and off the thing, I need to find out if can be used with the Geberit and works as well as with a Closomat. Please share any information you have about this topic.


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    Robyn Copley-Hirst
    Hi Clive,

    I hope you get some useful first-hand input from everyone on this. We can only say that your OT is the best person to be supporting your specific needs in this both now and in the future with the right kit. There are many toilet raisers on the market. What works well for one person may not work well for another. That said, information is key so I do hope you get some feedback to help you get the best from your OT and equipment.

    Best Regards, Clive,


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    My mum finds that the closomat riser recliner has been invaluable, however as she is now very thin it is not comfortable to sit on (however i don't think anything else could be). Think how you will activate the toilet as when my mum first has the closomat it was with a kind of foot or hand press full of air (like a whoopee cushion on a lead)- well she did not have the strength to operate it so within a couple of days an infra red switch was installed. When her assessment was done she could depress the pad however when the loo arrived she had deteriorated and needed the infra red switch. I don't know about geberit loos but it is worth thinking about what can be adapted if your condition changes.

    Also, i understand that some types of loos can be adjusted to give a better bottom or front wash- depending on what you prioritise. It is something that you could ask about the geberit.

    About the riser, look how you will operate it. My mum has limited use of her hands but can still manage to depress the little button. It may be worth asking them to bring a demo- as my mum had a couple as demo in her kitchen that she could experiment with before the right one for her was ordered

    all the best clive


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    Hi Clive,

    I am an OT in Social Services and regularly order specialist toileting equipment for clients. Clos-o-mat and Gerberit both fulfill the same function in terms of specialist wash/dry toileting, they are just products from two different companies. The Gerberit is newer to market and many people find it more aesthetically pleasing- the model used is usually the Aquaclean Plus- do google this and have a look at it. It is somewhat easier to add things onto as needs change than a Clos-o-mat because of the design of the seat- the Clos-o-mat is activated by the weight of someone sitting, where the Gerberit can sense when something is placed over it as well, such as shower/commode chairs.

    I assume that this is being provided as part of a DFG? In which case do feel free to ask your OT any questions, and if they can arrange for a rep from the company to come out and demonstrate it to you (it's always nice to see what is being prescribed for your home before it's a done deal). This also gives you the chance to try out the control and discuss the specialist settings etc, which are all quite a personal choice and something you should be able to discuss with your OT. Do make sure that the OT is specifying the height that the seat is to be at for you, as this will be important in enabling you to keep your abilities for as long as possible. Gerberits are able to be adjusted in themselves, and it's also possible to set them into floors or put them on plinths to get the height exactly right for you.

    I hope this is useful, please do ask any other questions you might have.


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    Hi Lucy,

    Great to have someone with your knowledge and experience on the forum, I would like to thank you for your advice.

    Best wishes.


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    I put the question to MND Connect and was very impressed with the answer. MND Connect spoke to both manufacturers and found out that the seat lifter has not been approved for use with the Gerberit toilet.

    I discussed this with my social services OT who said that she would not consider a seat lifter for me because I would not be able to use it long enough for it to be cost effective. She thought that my mobility would deteriorate too quickly for me to get enough use out of a lifter and I would need to be placed over the toilet in a shower chair. What a depressing thought.

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    Hi Clive,

    Have you had the Gerberit fitted?

    We moved to a retirement flat, in Reading, close to our daughter, and I would like a toilet/bidet.

    Kind regards


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    In Reading a Biobidet is provided via OT instead. The seat does not rise up.


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    Hi Daniel;
    Was your BioBidet being provided by the Social services Mine was been provided from the Mnda, but it would be a good saving if the Mnda did not have to fund them.
    Regards Terry

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    a word of warning for anyone with a clos o mat with a pressure switch .......

    They work on the slightest change to air pressure, we left ours resting on the radiator, when the heating came on the heat air expansion caused it to switch on!! Lid wasn't down n the water jet soaked the ceiling and left gallons of water on the floor. Thankfully we'd just put in a wet room so didn't ruin carpet, floorboards n flood downstairs !!

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