Hi Everyone,

This is just to say thank you to everyone who reported a spam/commercial post over the weekend.

For whatever reasons we're seeing a real increase lately. We'll be removing anything inappropriate as quickly as we spot these things, but in the event you spot anything before a moderator and wish to 'report' it to us the best way is to:

1. Click the 'report post' icon below the post in question. It looks like a black triangle with an exclamation mark in and will be positioned below every post.

2. That will then allow you to write a quick message (or not) and will be automatically sent to all of our moderators and myself.

3. Whichever of us gets there first will take a look, and if we believe a member is not following our terms and conditions, we'll remove it. There may be occasions where we leave a post where it is but keep a close eye on how things develop.

4. I'll then follow that up, possibly with some correspondence, and see if there's anything I can do to prevent further repeats from the same company or individual.

We do try our best to keep things as clean and relevant as possible for the forum community so thanks for your patience and help towards that as well. I hope that explains the process and lets you know a little more about what happens behind the scenes when you click to 'report' something.