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    Electric Hospital Bed


    My Dad has MND and lives on the 6th Floor in a block of flats. There is a lift but it is a pretty small one. My Dad's doctor has advised him that an electric bed would help with his breathing and getting in and out of bed. Even if the OT's agree we are worried that they will not be able to get one of the electric beds upstairs into the flat.

    Has anyone any experience of this? Do you know if such beds break down into small enough parts to fit in a small lift? If not will / is it physically possible for an electric hospital bed to be carried up this many flights of stairs and do you think they would do it?

    If anyone has any thoughts on this I would be really pleased to hear them.

    Many thanks, Fi

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    Hi Fi;
    Most of the hospital proformer beds come in halves and are no trouble to move. Contact your district nurse as I believe that she should arrange one for your dad free and also any bars etc.
    Where abouts does he live.
    Best wishes and welcome to our forum,, Terry

    PS. Hi Fi:- where you in the music industry?
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    Hi Fi

    Yes they will fit in a lift no problem I was worried when they brought Mick's as our through the floor lift is very small and it fitted in no problem they come broken down and are built in the room they are going in and the mattress's are flat as they are air pressured, so stop worrying it will be ok Get onto the district nurse and make your dad more comfy xx Ang

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