Hi...joined last month and received this e-mail today....
Not sure if I have put it in the correct place but just want everyone to be aware and not to respond to this e-mail if they were to receive it too...
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james @ Motor Neurone Disease Association Forum to me
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Hello, how are you doing? my name is Mr. James, I am, an international entrepreneur also a financial expert, I have worked with Eco financial company for more than ten years been a manager I secured over 16.5 million as an over profit which my management are not aware of the sum, i want to re-transfer this funds to a foreign account which i would like you to provide for me Immediately and Note that you can even provide me an empty bank account or 2 dollars account all i need is a functioning bank account where my bank can re-transfer this funds .

I contacted you to provide me an account where i can re-transfer this funds to and you will be entitle to earn 30% of the total sum after the transaction.
Reply me on this email:jamesprojectgh@gmail.com for details and directives.

Thank you for your kind attention and hope we can work together as partners.

God blessings and have a Good day...