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Thread: Why neurons lose their spark?

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    Why neurons lose their spark?

    It appears as a consequence of TDP-43 and FUS/TLS proteins getting in a bind outside the nucleus of our motor neurons and not returning to the nucleus, they miss out on manufacturing proteins essential for the continuing function of the motor neuron synapses. True in mice and human cell culture.

    Excess TDP-43 is toxic to the function of our motor neurons.

    The process that causes profilin 1 to clump together is always in the presence of misfolded TDP-43, but there are other processes that cause TDP-43 to misfold that do not affect profilin 1. It would therefore appear that misfolded TDP-43 is a downstream event of the clumping of profilin 1 or the synthesizing of faulty profilin 1 is linked inextricably with TDP-43.

    Profilin 1 is a protein that constructs the motor neuron including the long axon projection that connects to other motor neurons or muscles.

    Also note that the Super Oxide Dismutase(Destroyer) protein also misfolds in SOD1 variant MND. Misfolded proteins are always present at autopsy in MND sufferers.

    Genervon's GM604 therapy reduces the amounts of TDP-43 in our motor neurons. Excellent!

    And for Bob, paracetamol passes BBB and blocks pain receptors in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord in 11 minutes flat!
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