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    new to the site

    hi all, my husband was officially diagnosed two years ago although for a while we'd suspected the seriousness of his symptoms it was still hard to take on board and especially difficult for the whole family (3 daughters then aged 9, 16 and 18) to come to terms with. we decided the best way was to retain our sense of humour as we set about moving house to somewhere more accessible for him, the worst was trying to get the necessary work done and keeping ahead as he deteriorated so quickly, we would be lost without the paul sartori foundation who have come to our assistance so many times with equipment and teams of carers and sitters, we have felt that we were fumbling around in the darkness not knowing where to turn to next, and are very grateful to the Rowan association in helping us set up direct payments so we now have a great team of carers who support us physically and emotionally

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    Welcome to the forum.

    Best Wishes and Kind Regards


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