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Thread: can you please change the font colour

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    can you please change the font colour

    when you click on peoples name (profile) it comes up with a panel on the left hand side of the screen. the background is grey and the txt is white, it is illegible.

    is there anyway you can change the font colour?



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    There is a customise button on your profile so you cna change things like that. Ive just done mine.

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    Robyn Copley-Hirst
    You beat me to it, Chris!

    There's a long story behind The Problem of The Font Colour, John! It's a slight issue we have at the moment. For now Chris is right, you can customise your profile. In your profile, I think it is on the top right of your profile box you will see a customise button. When you click through to this there are numerous coloured boxes which you can change the colour of. They apply to the background colours and colours of text within your profile.

    For now I'll give you our apologies as this is something which has been flagged up and we are looking into so I hope I can get back to you with good news at some point in the future


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    I've been able to customise some of my text but other bits are less receptive, and some of the customise buttons don't seem to be active at all. Anyway, I'd really like to change the white text in the top left box under my identity in my profile. Is it changeable and, if so, how? Thanks.

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    Hi Robin,

    I've taken a fairly close look at this and it seems from the program style sheets (the active 'instructions' that the forum developers set up to control the content parameters), that the colour of the text below each profile's photo space, which I think is what you're referring to, is set as white, but the actual style is not covered by any of the options on the User Configuration page. This means that, basically 'we' can't change it. (But I'll ask again if maybe 'they' can!).

    The line below the Profile name, together with the module headings, ie. Friends, Albums, Groups etc., is controlled by the 'Inactive Module Text Color' option, as I'm sure you've realised, but this control doesn't influence the 'Send Private Message', 'Find all posts' and 'Find all started threads' text area you were asking about.

    The best suggestion I can make for the time being is that you change the module background colour by darkening the shade marked as 'Inactive Module Background', to make the white text more legible.

    Click your mouse on the tinted square beside 'Inactive Module Background' and you'll open up a colour selector - click on the required shade and it will open in the tinted square. Click 'Submit' and the selected shade will appear on the profile page. Don't forget to also click 'Save' at the top of the page - or you'll have to do it all again when you next come back to your profile!



    PS. I hope that all makes sense. That's a helluva lodda clicks . . . as John Wayne would probably have said!

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    Thanks, Mike. I've not replied before now because, being new, I lost where I'd left this query. It all makes sense, I'll go do it!

    Yes, that worked. Thanks again.
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