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    Hi you Hells Angels !

    I never rode a bike but in my days as an insurance broker in the late 70s early 80s I had a customer - Coburn and Hughes based London and Luton.
    They set up the franchise to import the Ducatis, Moto Guzis and Harley Davidsons to compete with the Japanese bikes on the established market over here.
    I remember going to their showrooms and the size of some of the Harleys - ginormous.
    They then set up a spares warehouse in Milton Keynes to service all of their retail clients.

    Then there was the dock / road hauliers strike in the UK and all these bikes were still being imported and started piling up at the dockside and had to be stored outside .Certain parts became rusty form the winter weather - a nasty insurance claim !

    I bet Roy had no need to put fuel in his tank !

    Miranda - post office van, meat, bike - first class my dear !


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