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Thread: Motorbike Mania

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laila View Post
    Hi Pete,

    yes Marquez crashed on every outing on this circuit, his earlier high speed crash probably didn't help, he was very lucky he wasn't seriously hurt. I think it's his relative inexperience. Cal was brilliant. I think it was Bautista's fault taking out Rossi, the Rossi fans will probably give him a hard time now. Carol
    Hi Carol

    Hope your ok, Yes don't get to see most races ,but I did really enjoy this one . I was wishing for Rossi along with a few thousand Italians that he would do well, but alas it was not to be , But I really enjoyed watching .how it should be done by a pro. Well done our Cal despite his crashes still finds it in him to do well when it matters ,looking forward to the next one now .


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    Good TT coverage on ITV 4. Dunlop won superbike TT. Don't know what happened to my favourite Bruce Anstey, he was ill so not sure if finished. Guy Martin came fourth?? I think , total character.

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    Brilliant Dunlop but John McGuiness another lap record he has dominated for the last decade and the veteran can still dance with the best.

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    Morning Pete,
    Go on catchup tv on your iPad you can watch the lot.

    Enjoy the fun shine

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    Hi Roy, Pete, Terry and all,

    Hope you got to see the IOMTT on ITV4. There is an iPad app Isle of Man tt 2013 which I downloaded and looks good and it's free. Supersport race was fairly close. Bruce Anstey looked very ill after the race, apparently has got flu but he looked very grey. Don't know how he came second feeling like that! Hope my favourite rider is ok. Carol

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    IOM TT Reporter Laila checking in.

    Dunlop wins for third time, this time in Superstock!!! The way he overtook John McGuinness was unreal, so fast.

    Martin Guy is just so funny. I don't think I could have any serious conversation with him. Even his hair has me in stitches before he even opens his mouth. Mind you bet great fun on night out

    Good to see Milky Quale on form after his horrendous crash several years ago.

    Those electric bikes are impressive, 100 mph average speed! Can we get three wheel chair options of those. I fancy a 100mph lap on one of them!!!! The IOM MNDA trophy, one for Rory to get sponsoring deals on.

    More race action to come all this week. Im enjoying it!! The film of the dog on the bike was cool.

    Over and out til tomorrow Motorbike Mania fans.

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    IOM TT reporter Laila checking in,

    Dunlop wins the second Supersport race in his fourth TT win which is getting to be a bore. He almost lost it on the mountain though with a brake lock up missing the curb and a high speed crash by a few feet.

    Anstey is looking better but not well

    I think Martin Guy would be a brilliant Senior TT win on Friday.

    Over and out


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    Yep he is absolutely on fire,he is in his peak at the right time just like the rest of the Dunlop family of yesterday years,
    Truly fantastic rider taken the mantle from big John McGuiness after a decade of dominating.


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    Hi Roy,

    Was interesting to hear Guy Martin comments today on Michael Dunlop pushing the risk limits on this course. I hope he doesn't crash on the Senior TT !!


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    Michael did seem to be a little unstable, but he has a very aggressive in his riding style. I hope that he learnt from locking the front wheel there.
    I have been defending Mark Marquez but his crashes last week were a bit to much and he was extremely lucky to walk away from them. I would think that he is hurting a lot this week and maybe he will learn from that. I still think that he has a good chance of the championship this year.
    Great TT coverage and I hope that all of the spectators are O K following the crash yesterday.

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