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Thread: The Anatomy of a Neuron

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    The Anatomy of a Neuron

    In this illustration, signals go into the right hand side and come out at the left hand side. The nucleus supplies the power, like a battery in an electrical circuit. The axon is the connection and can be as long as 1 meter, to reach from our spine to our toes for example.

    What we know about Neurons

    Every muscle group requires two motor neurons. One in the spinal cord (behind the blood brain barrier) which connects our brain to terminals in our spine and the other connecting the terminals in our spine to to the relevant muscle group.

    Signals in the neurons are digital, as in a computer. Digital signals are unambiguous as they are either on or off. There is no partly on or almost off. There is also a gate in the nucleus to make sure that a signal is only sent if it is strong enough to jump the gate.

    Neurons are not able to replicate themselves if damaged, unlike many other parts of our body.

    Neurons are specialised according to function and there are three different types. Motor neurons are different from the other types.

    To be continued
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