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Thread: riser/recliner

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    Hi all
    Can anyone recommend a good riser/recliner chair. Mum is poorly now and is very reluctant to go to bed but she says she would be comfortable in a recliner. I know we can go through O.T. but we need one as a matter of urgency so will probably go and buy one.
    Many thanks

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    Hi Kate,

    Why not give MNDA a ring, I think they might be able to help you with that item , Ours came as part of the suite and can be expensive for a decent one, just an idea


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    John got his from MNDA through the OT on the palliative care team. They sent his measurements to Northampton & a lovely man pitched up from Northampton with it a week later.
    It's a total godsend.

    We've learnt to speak to the OT's and Physio's before we buy anything because usually either the NHS, Social Services or MNDA can loan it to us. We've got a hospital bed too which is also really helpful now.

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    Hi Kate;
    I have a chair from the Mnda, so I would follow Pete’s advice and ask them. Below is details from another member who bought a chair from Ikea that might be of interest. Good Luck, love Terry
    Please find details of chair:
    Name of chair: Poang armchair
    Price: £55
    Various colours.
    Article number on internet: 398.054.32
    This type of chair has an angled seat, the seat dips so enables my pops to sit up. I also bought some accessories such as head rests etc but he has used the material head rest as an arm rest instead. I bought two oblong rolled shaped cushions, these can be placed either side of him to keep him in the chair snug - haven't needed to use these yet.
    I hope you find this useful and good luck - we have been lifting my dad for months and have found this product great, only lifted him once yesterday!
    Terry - my dad was also having this problem, sliding down the chair - his bottom needed to be right against the chair so he could sit upright hence us lifting him up constantly. He was sick of being slumped after only ten minutes of us lifting him and we could not risk our backs any longer as well as being up and down constantly. We went away to yorkshire for a week, stayed in a lovely little house that had an angled sofa (really difficult to explain) but he had no problems so as soon as we got back home a trip to ikea was in order to find something similar!
    Sorry Terry forgot to say that you can also buy a leg rest to match the chair - extra £20 - so for the combination is £75.
    You can look them up online.
    Take care xx

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    Hi Kate.
    When I had my accident and broke my back I too contacted my OT and they through the MNDA located a loan chair for which has
    Been a saviour.Im sure by making contact someone will do their upmost to help.

    Best wishes.


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    Thank you all so much for your replies, mum appears to be losing the fight & our hearts are broken. Will get on to this 1st thing and also a little break to Llandudno as she loves it there & it's not to far. Need to get a wriggle on to get some availability whilst she is still up for it. I fear time may be short. Much love to you all, your support is much appreciated. Kate xxx

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    Come get mine. It's in my garage . I'm in cambridgeshire, just off a 14. Mnda have been useless in finding a home for it. Ask if they will pony up the dough to get it to you. Ask them to take it out of the funds I've raised for them. X Lisa schofield, Cambridgeshire.
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    I got mine via the MNDA, it took a few days to get it delivered.
    Talk to your RCDA or Connect,


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    Hello all,

    This is my first time on the forum so fingers crossed I get this right. We are on the hunt for some information on the process and style of the recliner chairs provided by the mnda. We have met with our local mnda volunteer and my goodness what a positive and resourceful meeting it turned out to be, My husband stewart spends a lot of his time in his wheelchair and it was recommended that a recliner chair would help stewart with having an alternative place to sit when at home. The answer was a huge YES so we placed the request with our OT who will HOPEFULLY place the order direct with the mnda. The confusion is that she continues to refer to the chair as a prescriber chair which I understand is a different style and purpose to a recliner chair. Can anyone confirm the style of chair which the mnda provided and what the order time was for the item. Many thanks to you all for any info you can pass our way.

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    Hi Claire;

    Yes, you have got it right and welcome to the forum. I have no idea what a prescriber chair is but the one they delivered me was a twin motor rise and recline.
    I suggest that you phone Mnda and ask, they are quite a friendly bunch as are we normally.
    I think Stewart will like a different place to sit.

    All the best, Terry

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