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Thread: New girl

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    New girl

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed ten months ago, would like to be in touch with fellow MND sufferers, not very good on the laptop as I only learned how to use it about six months ago and can only type with one finger

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    Welcome Celtic girl;
    I am sorry that you find yourself here but you will find support, information and friends here. Many of us type with one or two fingers so it is no excuse for not posting.
    It is important to lean how to use technology in our situations, as it gives us the ability to communicate etc. The more you use it the better you will become and if you have a problem or want to know something, just ask on the forum.
    Best wishes, Terry

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    Hi Celtic Girl,

    Big welcome from me ( take it you're no rangers fan lol) I share at least two things in common with you
    MND and computer skills.just hope you have had good support for you and your family where you are,
    if not this is good place to let off steam,have chat,be a nuisance like me or get some good tips and

    Best wishes.

    Good as it gets :-)

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    You are welcome Celtic girl. I am a carer but will use your post to encourage technophobic husband to use this I pad. I think you will get a lot from the forum as it is very friendly and has a wealth of knowledge, not to mention wit. Do not worry about typing skills, I look at some of my posts with incredulity because OT typos. Hope you are getting all the support you need.


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    Welcome. I'm a carer too, my dad was diagnosed in May. He too is a techophobe....he'll use the technology but he's not very good at it, but we're getting there!

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    Hi Celtic Girl

    I m a fellow sufferer - ie one fingered typist !
    This unique forum has so many benefits for us - advice, experience, info, sharing, laughter , ranting and more laughter !

    Get a good team around you and take each day at a time. Above all remain positive

    New Year's resolution -not to get MND again !

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