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Thread: How do other carers cope....?

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    OOOOOOOOO Bettch those words I've heard so many times lately,take deep breaths walk away regain sanity until the next insult lovey. We carers get such broad shoulders unfortunately, and they don't mean a word of it they are just lashing out. I have just had a whole week of it for saying I cannot do disturbed nights every night and that I needed a break, don't get me wrong it all hurts but we are through the other side again for a while and I now have a night a week where a carer now sees to him one night a week.
    love and hugs honey, we are all here with you xx Ang

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    Hi cookewitch. Been reading your post and cant add anything that has not already been said. I have not been on the forum long but have seen and read your posts, i get inspiration from them and carry you are a strong and carer person and no doubt much loved by other members here. You are not repeat not a failure best wishes lots of hugs. Gerald xxx

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