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    Profile beds

    Received a profile bed for Peter today. I was very disappointed to see how like a hospital it is. Have taken such care with his room to keep evidence of illness away and this bed just looks so institutional. Another e practical difficulty is finding bedding to fit the 7 foot 4 inch length. Printed labels and Invacare logo are all too evident. How have others felt about this?


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    Hi Magic;
    I suppose I expected a hospital type bed so I was not to bothered. You can get ones that look fairly normal but I guess that they cost a lot more money. I am very pleased with the general operation of the bed and the independence that it gives me.
    The mattress is about 6 feet 6 inches long on mine, so normal bedding fits. The district nurse might provide any special bedding such as wendylet sheets or slide sheets if they will help.
    Hope you both get silent nights, love Terry

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    Hi magic we hadsame position as you so after a lot of thinking i bought a six panel rattan fold up room divider from good old the day i put it in front of the bed and commode so they were hidden and it gave the room a sort offrench bistro look instead of a hospital room.i also used it as a privacy aid for rob aswe still had to go this room to get to kitchen and front night i just folded it up and put in corner.another little trick idid was have a small flexibucket with hot water and rose zoflora disinfectant as sadly we had no downstairs facilities so itwas also the bathroom but this would disguise anything and visitors commentedhow nice and fresh it was.hope this helps lots of love .caroline

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    Hi Magic,

    well we tried asking our OT, and from the big sigh and rolling of her eyes ,tutted and said, well you only get one of those when your no longer mobile and permanently bed ridden, !!!!, so at that we paid 300 at dreams got an electric profile bed and it's been fine so don't know if that helps


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    Hi Magic,

    Had mine delivered today,mine looks like something from the fifties,rises up down back front,nothing like the one
    I spent 10 days on when I did time in hospital last November for wobbling without due care and attention causing broken
    back and a catheter the size of bash broom.

    Made my eyes water.

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    John got his a few weeks ago. It's hideous, but necessary, so in my best Blue Peter style, I've go some pre-cut foam from Amazon and made two side cushions and a long back one. During the day I cover it with a throw and tons of cushions, then I chuck it all under the bed at night.
    It's not perfect, but it is less hospital bed like.


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    One of the richest guys in my neck of the woods is called Nigel Corner. I haven't followed his progress but 20 years ago he was in the Sunday Times rich list with a fortune of 115,000,000. He owns grouse moors, 1000 s of acres of North Yorkshire and a collection of cars to die for.
    How did he make his money - he is an engineer by profession and his wealth is said to have come from designing and making hospital beds so you may not like the look of them but they must be reasonably fit for purpose.


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    Thanks everyone. Had friends around and they have agreed to make a bookcase to fit at the foot end. We have introduced bedding etc and it does not seem so bad. OT says it is what Peter needs so I will have to get used to it. Double duvet cover and sheets seem to be ok. Smudge, I will try and find another friend with a sewing machine if needed.


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