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Thread: overbed/overchair table

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    Jo Burkimsher

    overbed/overchair table

    Hello all

    I am looking for a height adjustable overbed/overchair table which will be sturdy enough to support a pc monitor plus swivel stand (the stand is reasonable heavy but not ridiculously so) The tables I have seen all feel a bit flimsy and I am frightened everything will come crashing down. Ideally it wouold also have wheels for easily moving it out of the way when not in use.

    Please can anyone recommend a product? Thanks in advance

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    Hi Jo;
    I have one that is very stable and has a horse shoe type base. My one does not tilt which is a bit of a shame as it would put my laptop at a better angle. The other problem that I have with it is how close I can get to it in my reclining chair. It is o k when chair is upright but to far away when reclined. You might be able to get a vanity shelf that slides out underneath, it is available on some tables. You can get some tables that straddle beds and chairs, these would probably be better for reclining chairs but more trouble to use.
    Good luck, Terry

    PS:- another thing to consider is whether your wheelchair feet rests will go over the horse shoe type, because if not you will be to far away again.

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    We got one from Argos and its quite sturdy x

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