Hi, this is my first time posting on this forum! My Mum was diagnosed with PBP last July and is now at the stage where she has no speech and swallowing is becoming a big problem, we are currently trying to encourage her to agree to a PEG as she is loosing weight but she is refusing (but that is a different matter). The other big problem we are having is the volume of syliva she is producing and obvioulsy not being able to swallow it, we have printed the information sheet from the MNDA and are trying to work through the options, so far we have tried the natural i.e. fruit juices and the travel sickness patches, neither have worked. We are about to try Kwells (also for travel sickness) and see how that works, but does anyone have any methods that they tried that worked successfully? The GP doesn't seem to be much help here and is tending to write prescriptions for the products that we are asking for rather than suggesting new ones. Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.