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Thread: Tips for carers

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    Tips for carers

    Hi all
    My mum is moving from having care provided from the RITA team (who assist people in emergency situations- e.g after falls) to continuing healthcare - SInce there will be more carers involved we need to prepare a list.

    Since mum lives alone and cannot speak it needs to be detailed out in full (and her needs change quite regularly). Any suggestions on things that may be useful to put in? I think that we have been comprehensive in preparing the list- but would like to know any key things that family members of people with MND have found it helpful to have in writing so that the best support can be provided.

    the list is currently at 19 pages


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    One thing in Marks care pages is : Though Mark cannot speak, he is not deaf. You wouldn't believe the amount of people who shout at Mark. I can even remember once, when he could still write, he wrote a message to a nurse, instead of replying to him verbally, she wrote the answer to his question on his notepad. Duh!!!!

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    thanks very much, this is the second thing that is on her list! Just about finished it- runs to 22 pages. the NHS continuing care office want it for tomorrow morning. at least it saves repeating ourselves a million times to people that don't always listen or write down what is said, grrrr
    kind regards


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    The sad thing is a majority won't even read it
    Best wishes


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    Jeannie, i will make sure they do as mum lives alone and i will make sure i brief the team with mum present. Even though it is long there are general summaries of issues such as communication, meds, assistance with dressing etc and then another few sections where some of the things are repeated but it details exactly what has to be done for each visit.

    we have had a good main carer who has gone through the list and assisted us compiling it for a thorough change over

    but yes, i think if i wasn't on their case hounding then i guess people wouldn't read things

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