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Thread: Pneumococcal vaccination

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    Alan Livett

    Pneumococcal vaccination

    For the last two years I have had the flu jab as reccomended by my neurologist. Last week I had an appointment at a breathing clinic where it was suggested I have a pnuemococcal vaccination to protect me from pneumonia. It is a one off injection and protects from a number of the main strains of pneumonia. I had not heard of it before and has never been mentioned at my regular appointments with my neurologist!! It seems to make sense to have any protection available. Happy new year. Alan

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    i had this last year,totally agree it makes sense to take any help offered.

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    Hi Alan

    The flu and pneumococcal vaccines are given out like candy over here. It seems everyone under the sun gets them before the cold and flu season. Although not recommended for the very young or pregnant. The pneumococcal is usually given for those with compromised immune systems.


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    Alan Livett
    Hi cc
    I find it frustrating that I find out what is available and sensible almost by accident!!

    Regards Alan

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    When I took Dad for his flu jab they asked if we wanted the pneumonia jab there and then and jabbed him in the other arm with it.....

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    I had it last year, no problems since.


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    I had it last year and had a bad reaction, 48 hours of feeling really poorly. I had no warning that might happen and had to cancel a long planned evening with friends as I was so ill. If you have it, ask about side effects and don't plan anything fun straight after!

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