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Thread: Breathing through the nose...

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    Breathing through the nose...

    I don't know how much help this might be for other people but one thing Dad struggles with is breathing through his nose, he sometimes seems bunged up but isn't really. We've found that the 'Breathe Right' nasal strips which are meant to help stop snoring are really useful.

    The strip sticks across the nose and holds the nostrils fractionally wider than normal. We've found that if he wears one he can breathe more easily particularly overnight. It also means he doesn't dry his mouth by breathing through his mouth.

    Thought it might be of use for someone

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    I have tried them and yes, they really work.

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    You can also try a small piece of tape to hold the month closed. This forces you to breath through the nose helping to clear it. I would not consider this if the person cannot remove it easily by themselves.

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