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Thread: To PEG or not to PEG?.

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    Jacqui Priestley

    To PEG or not to PEG?.

    All, I have reached the stage when I think a PEG is a good idea, mainly because I'm fed up with choking at the meal table and dribbling copiously. Can anyone offer any practical advice? Dos and don'ts ... positive feedback ...

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    I too had this dilemma. In the end, after losing weight due to lack of nutrition, I went ahead and had the operation. For a fortnight afterwards I didn't go out as moving was painful but as soon as I did everyone I met would stop me and say how much healthier I looked,[regained weight, colour in my face etc.].
    My only regret was not having it done sooner. The earlier you have a peg fitted the more healthy your body will be to accept the changes that occur. Also, if you have a peg and are still able to eat your favourite snacks or whatever you can continue to do so safe in the knowledge that you will still be able to have the correct nutrition. My poor wife,bless her, I put her through so much needlessly. She waiting for me until I thought I would be able to eat, then cooking me my usual tedious meal of fish,scrambled eggs, mashed potato, for me to only eat a few mouthfuls and leaving the rest. From my personal experience I would advise to have it done as soon as possible. Best wishes.

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    Ange M
    If you have reached the stage where you are asking yourself this question then maybe it is time.
    My husband was set against a peg feed, even though as you he was choking and dribbling and the time spent with me feeding him, not that this was the issue however it was time we could be using for his social side of his life.
    In the end when he needed a PEG and decided to have it fitted as he did not like the NG tube for feeding , it was too late as he was breathing using his tummy muscles and they said it would give him pain and hence hinder his breathing.

    All this said you are the only one who can make your decision.
    All the best whatever you choose Ange x

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    Jacqui Priestley
    Thanks all for advice. Am booked in for a new procedure - a POG we were told (but might also be known as a PIG) which is a cross between PEG and RIG. The main prompt in the end was not so much food consumption as fluid, as choking has eased a little. I hope I get as many benefits as wheelchair king!

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    Hi Jacqui

    I had a peg fItted 6 weeks ago as I d read if I was going to have one better to do it sooner than later. The procedure only took 20mins. I stayed in hospital overnight. I was quite sore for a week, the worst part was the sling putting pressure on the wound whilst been hoisted. I 've no regrets and flush the tube twice a day. I 've started to have problems with medication so that goes via the peg. Also some days I put extra fluid in when I ve struggled with drinking
    Hope all goes well.


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    hi Sally I notice that you only diagnosed a few months ago, so it seemed quite early to have a PEG fitted. Were you diagnosed with the bulbar mnd?

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    Hi twitcher1
    I was misdiagnosed with Tranverse myelitis then progressive Ms. I have had symptoms since May09 but was n't given Als Mnd until feb 2011.

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