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Thread: Mum with PBP

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    That's a lovely idea. She does need to keep her weight up, as Annette said. Does she like cream cakes?

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    We ve already been watching Michael McIntyre and shes been laughing. Shes still a lot of the time like her own self but Im worried how she react to her voice going. She was embarrased enough by a choking episode in the restaurant. She had a little cry with me yesterday but she needs to open up more.

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    And Im forcing lindt chocolates onto her, porridge for breakfast and suggested putting extra sugar into her tea. Mars Milkshakes too.

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    Hi Ben,
    I am Rajesh from India, am also an MND patient for the last 30 years, stillam very strong. Now am 50 years, am doing ayurveda treatment and meditation. I hope these too help me to prevent or slowdown the disease . any way am very happy to know about your mom.
    Thank you

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