Hi everyone

This week my husband who has pls asked me to chase up the PIP form that we completed and sent off in October 2013. This is the second time that I have phoned them and was told that our form was received on the 29th October and forwarded for an assessment on the 7th November and that we should have heard something within 12-16weeks.

I patiently explained that my husband had MND and that since October his condition had deteriorated and that now he could not cook a simple meal dress himself dry himself or walk a very sort distance without hello and that I did not know What his condition would be next week.!!!!

She said she would send me out a paper based request form something that they did not normally do but because of his illness she would do and that I should send a copy of a letter from his consultant to support the PIP form.

So now I wait for this form not exactly sure what it is and how long it will take to be processed.

Anyone had a similar situation.

Lyn lilylou