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    My GP was really good and said anyone with a terminal illness should get the DS1500 automatically, after all it's not my fault if I live longer than 6 months.


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    Mine took a similar view.

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    I applied in October 2013 too. Things were progressing at glacial speed until the hospice nurse asked whether a ds1500 had been submitted. It hadn't been, so she sent one off and I got the payment within a few weeks.

    You might need it for a car, amongst other things! You need to get it sorted. Mnda connect may have advice on this.

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    Ours was filled in by the mnd nurse on her first visit to see my partner that was 5 years ago .

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    Neither my GP nor consultant would complete a DS1500 when I applied at beginning of December 2013,
    I have phoned DWP and Capita regularly, at least twice a month, but got nowhere with DWP. My MP is apparently looking into it for me but I am still waiting there...
    I did however get a confirmation letter through from Capita 20th March and after another phone call from me to Capita I have my medical assessment booked (at home) on Wed 22nd April.

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    This is outrageous TJ and it makes my blood boil. Yet again we have a system that would appear to be either a postcode lottery or based on the sympathies, or not in your case, of the medical profession. People diagnosed with MND should not have to appear in front of a panel of private contractors appointed by the government i.e. working for profit and no doubt judged by results (how much they can save the DWP).
    I agree that the benefits system is floored and needs a revamp but those with terminal illnesses should be exempt.

    Rant over.

    I wish you success with the assessment.


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    TJ, agree with Barry that this is outrageous. Your neurologist or palliative care specialist may be prepared to fill in the ******* form.

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    I couldn't get Dad's GP to do a DS1500 either. I asked back in June one month after he was diagnosed. Finally in the December the palliative care consultant from the Hospice agreed to do one.

    It makes me so cross as back in June the GP said 'I can't do the form as he's got years yet', 8 months later he was dead. We could have had additional financial help for those 8 months rather than just the 6 weeks before he died.

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    My dad was diagnosed with bulba MND is August I completed PIP forms and sent off with DS1500 forms and dad got his payments through very quickly, about month to 6 weeks. He sadly died in January but at the time of form filling we didn't know it would be that quick. I just phone the GP for one (ds1500) and picked it up the next day. Do it who cares if you live longer than 6 months I think they should be issued routinely for all with MND it bad enough without added hassle of PIP or any other forms!

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    Hi Henrietta

    Totally agree ds1500 should be routinely given to all MND suffers. I am going to phone our dr tomorrow to see what response I get and if I get no joy will speak to Roberts consultant at the end of the month .

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