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Thread: Portable Shower rooms.....

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    Portable Shower rooms.....

    Hello people,

    I am planning for when my hubby is not able to get up the stairs to sleep and shower. I cannot afford the time or money to build a wet room. I won't get any help as I work full time. Cannot afford to move as I'd have to go further away from friends and family.

    Has anyone heard or used this company? Impey showers......

    They look like the dogs doodahs and I could install this into my dining/living room onto the wall that the downstairs loo is next door to so I have plumbing etc the other side of the wall for it all.
    It all reads too good to be true so wonder how other folk have gotten round getting a downstairs shower in or if there is anyone who could review impey showers?

    My downstairs loo is not big enough to install a shower or turn a wheelchair in.
    Any idea will be gratefully received.

    Apart from this I am also looking at a stiff broom and karcher as another means to shower him Haha.
    Sylv xxx

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    Keep an eye on the long term direction of your husband's MND Sylv. You may need to get him under the shower in the wheelchair as happens to me now. Do you have an OT helping you and your husband?

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    Hi jock
    Yes we have OT, she doubts I will get help with adding a shower downstairs because I work. There is not much scope to add an wet room extension due to cost and no where to add one. You are right about making sure it's a wheel in one as he will need this given his current status on walking and moving about.
    These Impey showers have a "pop up" quick temporary build solution to provide a wheelin shower area. just wondering if any one on here has used them before and are they as good as they claim? I will call them later today as I'd need someone to fit it and they have showrooms so I can go see them.
    Sylv x

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