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Thread: you know who your true friends are ? Rant for today

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    you know who your true friends are ? Rant for today

    Well thought I'd had my fill of selfish untrue relatives and friends but obviously not.
    Our wonderful son has arranged a Charity football match in honour of his dad (Mick) on 4th May at the reebok stadium and so we are trying to create a get together for all friends and family who have been truly supportive of Mick through his journey, so I foolishly contacted his old Boss's wife who we have been to Thailand with several times over the years and whom Mick slogged his guts out for above and beyond before they retired and made them all redundant in 2006 (prior to Micks diagnosis) these two people have shared quite a few years of our time in the past in more ways than one sometimes coming first before his own family needs, but thats another story. Anyway asked them if they would come as part of a suprise and this is their response

    Dear Angela, Thanks for the email. We've given it a great deal of thought.

    We are going to send a card and write to Michael,but will not be coming on May 4th.
    (We are actually doing something on that day with Janet and Steve.)

    When you sent the photos of Michael with Alex Ferguson, it really upset us to see him so poorly.You might think this is selfish but,we may look well,but neither of us is 100% now,especially Carl.

    We have great memories of Michael from when we all worked together and he is a lovely man.We feel very sad that all this has come to him,and know that this must be terrible for you too.

    We hope you do understand.

    All our love & best wishes,Chris & Carl XX

    P.S. Hope you have a lovely day at the Reebok Stadium. X

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    well actually NO I DON'T UNDERSTAND !!!!!!!!
    My husband gave you the best years of his life above and beyond the wages you paid him and you can't do this one thing for him, and yes you are selfish beyond words in your own little bubble, so goodbye and fairwell (kiss my arse)

    Please do not take offense at this as I really needed to vent it off and thought this would be my best option to keep me from going insane, I know your all going to say we don't need these people in our lives but how can you treat another human being in this way especially when they helped you to get where you are now. Ang rant over but still simmering

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    Hi Angela;

    They should man up, it is a shame that Chris and Carl don't want to make a little effort for both of your stakes. It seems quite obvious that Chris does not think it will be cool to hang out with you now. It would be nice to try to email Carl direct and see if he wares the trousers.

    Sit down with a coffee (or something stronger) and a cake and let the tensions go.

    Huggs and love, Terry

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    I'm never surprised at the selfishness of others. I know it's hard to take but those that really matter will make the time and effort to b there, anyone that doesn't I'd just try to shrug them's their loss! Easier said than done......xx

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    Hi Ang,
    However you look at this it can't be considered in a good way, I honestly don't know how these folk sleep at night, very much out of sight out of mind for them, perhaps they can't handle seeing you both now ,well their loss I say, I know most of us have had similar experiences with so called friends , just so sorry that they can't see beyond the disease, more to be pitied than scolded as my mum would say , you both deserve so much better , if it were me ,good riddance to them but I am well known for being a grump!!!, give ?Micky my very best wishes and a couple of hugs on their way for you, take Terry's advice and chill.

    All I need is a miracle

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    Hi Ang,

    You certainly find out who your friends are. The good news, one less Christmas card to write. Obviously the friendship while Mick served a purpose for them and now he no longer is someone they need to be nice to. Write and thank them and ask if they would care to make a donation to the fundraiser as they are unable to be there. May make them squirm a little .

    Enjoy the rest of your day. Concentrate on getting your real friends into the Stadium.


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    My wife is fond of the saying 'put it in the river' (meaning let it go). We too have put a few friends in the river, fortunately they never swim back (as I find it tough to forgive, I'm not a nice person, I should probably mention that).

    I very much like Terry's advice but would offer the alternative of sending the cheeriest of emails back saying... 'Oh, Janet and Steve? They're invited too, think you can ask them for me? I can't find their number.'

    Just to make it really uncomfortable for them. Hey, if they don't want to be friends...

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    Dear Ang, how selfish and narrow minded people like them are. They are users, and should be treated with the contempt that they deserve. I am glad you had a good old rant as I am sure that there are many of us that have friends and relatives that we thought were caring but in the end show their true colours and could relate to how you feel. I am sure it will be a great day. Love to you and Mick

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    Hi Angela. Know exactley where you are coming from have a good rant you know you are among friends here and we will be there with you in spirit no matter where we are in the uk. It seems when things get touch friends are quick to jump ship. Love best wishes to you both. Gerald

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    Hi Angela
    That's disgusting. You are both better off without them for sure. Funny how once good friends of my Mum now talk to me only and don't even look at her when I'm pushing her in her wheelchair in the local high street. Is it embarrassment maybe?
    Anyway your do will be all the better with true friends and family without worrying about useless people like that being there
    Best wishes to you both
    Sarah x

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    Oh Angela now you know the true definition of selfish, you do not need their negative energy, I know it's difficult but don't waste any more time on thinking of their mean spirited selfishness. Good luck with the Charity Football match, you have a wonderful son and you are a wonderful person. There are some very rude expressions I can think of...and I'm sure others on this forum also know several, but you must rant away and we will support you.
    Good luck, keep up the good fight.

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