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Thread: Extension for wet room.

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    Big Steve

    Extension for wet room.

    Hi All
    I am in the process of having an extension built to accommodate a wet room and possible bedroom for the future, and I want to know the best option for the toilet.
    Do I go for the all singing all dancing Clos O Mat at a substantial cost or go for the more cost effective Bio Bidet?
    If any of you guys have experience, good or bad, of any of these systems, please let me know.

    Many thanks

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    Peter had a clos o mat toilet and he really valued the independence that it gave him. He did not use any other type.

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    Forum Member Terry's Avatar
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    Hi Steve;

    Most of us have got a Bio Bidet seat and they do work well and are reliable. Probably a closomat is better, having a longer seat and they can have seat lifting device fitted.

    Ask Mnda connect as they might help financially and can maybe hire one for you.

    Both provide a squeaky clean bum.

    Love Terry

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    Not sure why but my bio bidet doesn't seem very effective . We recently converted a downstairs loo to a wetroom and applied for a reduction in Council Tax. After an assessment visit which involved taking photos of all my disability aids we were given a reduction of one band. It all helps but we had to read the small print to discover we could apply. Hope this is not another postcode lottery.

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    Hi Steve
    My mum has a Geberit toilet which washes after but doesn't stand you up like I think the Closamat does. It cost around 2,500 but she would definitely say it was worth it as she was struggling before as her hands aren't great. The only issue we have is that the water is a bit cold! Good luck!

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    Alan Livett
    Hi Steve. Closomat also sell reconditioned toilets which are considerably cheaper than a new one (1500). I would also speak with your regional mnd representative about a contribution towards the cost. I was originally offered 750 towards the cost but when I explained that I had used all my savings converting a bathroom into a wetroom and other adaptions, mnd agreed to fund 1500. I still have to fund the fitting but this has made it affordable. Hope this helps. Regards Alan.

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    Hi steve
    I have done a lot of disabled conversions in my opinion Closomat is the only one In Preston area the council give a grant on the O.T. instruction for full cost including fitting . You are then presented with a choice full mantainance for your life time if you sighn the ownership to the council or it your look after it yourself . From aplication to fitting it took 6 weeks true i did know who to talk to . Your area must run a similar systom . If thats a no go they sell the secondhand on e bay and they go for very little money any competent electrican and plumber can fit them all instructions can be downloaded from closomat wed site . I dont know how advanced your build is but a fused spur with an external isolation ,slightley higher siol outlet and a cold feed a;; have to fit within lower toilet facia
    good luck Kevin

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    Hi kevin. We have the bio bidet which works well our ot actually ordered it and social services organised the fitting and wiring can that be done in your area. Gerald

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    Sorry meant for steve had a bad day. Gerald

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    Big Steve
    Hi Guys and Gals
    Many thanks for all your advice and comments. It looks like I will be going for the Bio Bidet as the Closomat appears to be overkill for what I need ie it stands you up and I can't stand!!!


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