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Thread: Extension for wet room.

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    Our OT arranged for us to have one of those.

    John's palliative care team were constantly one step ahead and were arranging for equipment to be delivered just before we needed it. Their experience of dealing with MND patients meant that they had the skills and knowledge to know what he ne needed and when and we never had to fight for one single piece of equipment or help.

    It's a shame that their work isn't replicated across the country

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    Hi All,
    I too need to thank you for the information as we are having an adaption started in the New Year.
    Any other advice regarding fixtures and fittings would be appreciated.

    Best wishes,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Bloomsbury View Post
    Hi Terry, thanks for your interest. The shower chair won't go back far enough over the bio bidet because the controls are raised and in the way. So my husband finds it impossible to position over the toilet bowl. A Gerberit has controls under the seat level with the tollet bowl. It causes him a great deal of anxiety but we really can't afford to pay 3k! and the MNDA Assoc. Have been generous but only offered 1.5k. Which is why I'm interested in BILL's clos o mat. I do know that if you use a strip of copper paper, stuck on the sensor part of the bio bidet seat, it will override the sensor control and be permanently 'on'
    Hi Tomy;

    If you look at page 2 on this thread it has some info but not enough really.

    Love Terry

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