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Thread: WAV... To buy or not to buy, what is the question......

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    WAV... To buy or not to buy, what is the question......

    . I've considered us getting a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle from day one but since I tried to move our car which resulted in me sitting in the drivers seat staring at my left leg as it did a little jig under the tension of the clutch, the WAV has been pushed slightly higher up the shopping list, that and being measured up for a powered wheelchair.

    Putting my question(s) out there.. (Sorry if I'm asking for too much info)

    Considering the disease progression would leasing be better than buying?

    The WAV would need ideally 5 seats plus wheelchair (young twins and a mother in law), are there better models to go for?

    I live near Kingston upon Thames, would anyone know of a dealer near by? Or in Surrey?

    Thank you for reading and not for thinking 'the cheek, can't he do his own checking....?!?!', Ian.

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    To Make things easier, can't you just get rid of your mother in law or get a roof rack (the Cheek) Ian;

    Many people used their mobility money to finance the lease of one, (if your under 65). That is the probable route I would take if I was to get a new one. I bought an old one as it generally works out cheaper but is more hassle.

    I don't know first hand of any that have five seats but you can get them. It would more than likely have be a bigger van that will be more money and your driver might not be happy driving it.

    I got an automatic as I could then drive left foot braking or you could just use your right leg if it's good.

    Hope it helps a little, Terry

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    Ian. Gerald here we have just ordered wav car. Now we have used motabilty but dont know your circumstances, beleve the lease is 5yrs for this type of vehicle as opposed to ordinary car. The is a up front payment which ever way you go, the bigger the vehicle the larger the deposit. If you need more info just pm me. Cant say about dealers im 300 miles north but allied motabilty may cover the south you would have to ask
    Good luck best wishes. Gerald

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    Hi Ian, we've just bought a 3 year old VW Caddy Sirius conversion, ex motability. It has a lowered floor so I drive the powerchair into the front passenger space ( the passenger seat is removeable) and the chair is locked down. There are 3 seats behind all with belts and headrests. It's great. We bought from Jubilee Motors in the Midlands, they have a lot of stock and brought the car to us in a East Anglia to try it out. I wanted to sit in the front. Buying meant we got it straight away.

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    Alan Livett
    Hi Ian. I am 6'3" so I needed a larger WAV. I too needed 5 seats but use the wheelchair as the fifth seat for any passenger. I chose an automatic with hand controls so I am still able to drive even though my legs don't do as they are told!! Regards. Alan

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    Hi Terry, I'd be better putting her in the engine bay, motor mouth n all ;-) and an automatic is a must.

    Thank you Gerald for your input. I did note there is normally a 3 or 5 year lease. I did have a look on the site but it's not got the info I'm looking for, or I'm looking in the wrong place.

    Hi Treelover, thanks, I'll have a look at their site which will hopefully give me more info on what is out there.

    Thanks Alan, my left side is weak and I can't raise my hand to shoulder level without wincing and I don't think my right side is too far behind so I've settled on being chauffeured around.

    And thank you for this forum!!!


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    Hi Ian, I live in Surbiton and we have just brought a secondhand Wav as Ed doesn't get Motability. I think the other guys will tell you that you would probably be eligible for it. We used a fantastic company that came up from Bognor Regis, they are called Southern Mobility and they were absolutely brilliant, they sell secondhand I am not sure about new motability cars. We did quite a lot of research and there is nobody directly in the area.

    We got a secondhand Fiat Doblo that had been converted properly and has a winch as well as Ed driving in his power hair. Ed cannot drive now so I do all the driving. Our Doblo only has 3 seats but they have a large stock of 50 secondhand and loads of them have 5 seats. It is worth a look on their website just to get an idea. If you want any contact details just let me know. Love Diane

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    Hi Terry we have had motability cars for the past 19 years and we have just ordered our second WAV.We have a peugot independence which has 6 seats plus the wheelchair.Gives us room to seat everyone plus johns equipment The lease is 5 years but you can get an nearly new WAV which is less deposit than a new one

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    Guest buy or not to buy,

    As I understand the forum (I'm new) your question is what the forum is for. So here goes.
    i. Automatic will allow you to drive for a lot longer as 1 leg may be stronger for longer so 2 pedal not 3 is good.
    ii. Powered or gas assisted ramp is far easier for a plw MND to operate as someone who gets out of chair to drive.
    iii. As eventually you will be in the back try different vehicles from the chair.
    iv. WHICH have done a comparison to include ride quality ( I am told). I wish I had thought off Which prior to ordering my WAV.
    v. I dont believe 5 seats are possible but 4 seats plus chair and wheelchair space is.
    vi. The closeness of a dealership/ converter should be irrelavent as your local dealership will service the car.
    vii. Motability is well worth considering for several reasons not least the priority service from the RAC. Disposing of the used WAV after 5 years might be a financial headache.

    I bought a Kangoo myself thinking my life expectancy was short followed by a VW Caddy on Motability now I've decided to give Prof Hawkins target of living with MND for 52 years a challenge. Good luck.

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    Hello All,
    I've meant to update but appointments and frustratingly progressive mnd have hindered me.
    We visited the Queen Elisabeth Foundation and we saw a few wavs and chatted about wants and needs which gave us a clearer idea of what we wanted.
    We have twin 5 year olds and I wanted to sit in between them but it cost more, the rear seats were narrower and I would still end up being behind them.
    We we were given some contacts, one of which was the Automotive Group.
    My wife chatted to Neill and he visited with a VW Caddy Maxi with a convertible sloping / dropped rear floor. This was almost two months ago. My wife was apprehensive about the size but after a test drive with our boys and me in the back as well, all was good.
    We told there was a 2 month wait for a new one due to BG and Sky wanting job lots but there were also 'nearly new' ones but luck was a factor in getting what was wanted. Luckily we did and three weeks after testing and a few forms (the mobility payments were redirected via the forms mostly filled in by Neil) got a Caddy with 11k on the clock, slopped rear access with manual ramp and wonderful condition. It is a bit bouncy in the back but knowing looks from me the nodding dog to the apologetic glances from the front is smoothing the ride.
    Insurance, tax, breakdown cover, MOT and service all taken care of ( ;~>
    Freedom at last (it's all relative).
    Keep smiling,

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