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Thread: Easy-on system for Compression Hosiery

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    Easy-on system for Compression Hosiery

    Having been prescribed compression hosiery for poor circulation in my legs, I struggled mightily over many mornings to put the damn things on. Then my sister-in-law said "try this" and Lo!, all was made easy!

    The ActiGlide (by Activa Healthcare) compression hosiery applicator is a slippery bag made to fit over the foot before starting on the hosiery. Pull the hosiery up over the bag - it's amazingly easy - adjust if necessary, and pull the bag out.Job done, and it's available on prescription.

    You might think a plastic bag would work as well as this. It does not.

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    Hi all,

    Following the removal of a spam ad yesterday, if anyone is interested in the genuine web link for this product, you will find it here -


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