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    catch up

    Hi all,

    I hope you are all doing well, haven't had time to scroll through everything, I did notice that Graham is home, fantastic news (at last).
    I should (weather permitting) get to do my skydive this coming Sunday in Cornwall, so looking forward to that.
    In other news, I got to accompany a gentleman I work for( in a.caring capacity) on a Mediterranean cruise, all paid for, yes lucky me, unfortunately after our first on shore trip in Madiera, he had a stroke and went blind, so 5 days into our holiday we had to be taken off the liner and into a hospital in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. 11 days later with a nurse sent from England, we got to fly back home, 5 hours in an ambulance from Gatwick airport was no fun with me on a pull down chair and he on a stretcher. He is recovering at his home, I am almost full time caring for him until (hopefully) some vision returns.
    The point of this story is to tell you how well we were treated by the insurance company 'Insure and go'
    Although he paid a lot for the cover, nothing was too much trouble, private hospital and phone calls every day to ask if we needed anything. Just thought it might help some of you looking for insurance, it is so difficult if you have lots of medical needs.
    Never thought I could go through the caring for a very ill person scenario again but seems this is my role in life.


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    Wow that was some vacation Chrissy, he was a very lucky man to have you by his side. It does sound like it may be your calling, those trusted in your care would be very blessed.

    Enjoy your jump brave lady, remember you have your own very special angel holding on to you and keeping you safe all the way day


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    Chrissy you are truly an amazing caring lady
    Be careful after exiting the plane, here here and here
    Dave x

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    Go for it Chrissy;

    Good to hear from you but I was hopping that you would be able to move forward and live your own life.

    Caring for people has it's own rewards, especially if there's a good chance of improvement.

    All the best for you both, love Terry

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    Crikey Chrissy, but I guess it would have been worse if he had passed away, poor man and as CC and others say you are the right one to look after him. Good luck for the skydive....gotta laugh at our trolley dolly Davec!

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