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Thread: does this really,work??? need help

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    Lightbulb does this really,work??? need help

    This site claims that it can cure MND... My mother is suffering from it... If anyone has any idea about this... Please help.
    Also i read somewhere that pineapple juice helps control drooling...

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    Sorry Mash;

    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your mum.

    I don't think so. I think that there's more chance with DEANNA PROTOCOL or Fishmate 12 Supplements but neither worked for me.

    I know grape juice drys the mouth. Her doctor can prescribe patches and other drugs that can help with drooling and Kwells are sometime effective.

    Regards Terry

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    Hi Mash,
    To this date ,there is no cure for MND available anywhere on this planet I think it is fair to say all of us on this forum would be in the front of the queue no sorry, It's just another cruel and despicable site that peddles Herbs , Terry was right in what he says, there are a few folk using various supplements to find anything that helps, There are several new ideas Stem cells etc, but this will be a while before it will be available to the general public and then the cost of any treatment is liable to be very high, it's the same old adage if it sounds to good to be true , that really does apply to MND So called cures.

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    If you want to give it a go and report back feel free but there is a big disclaimer at the foot of their ad. They say it hasn't been medically assessed. If you had a product capable of curing a terminal illness with maybe 200 or 300,000 people suffering from it worldwide wouldn't you want to have it properly evaluated and trialled rather than rely on selling via a website to desperate people. I suggest you contact them and ask for evidence of any person who had a confirmed diagnosis who is now free of the disease.
    Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your Mum's illness.


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